About Paragon

Paragon Learning Center is home to Pueblo City Schools’ alternative education campus. Started in 2015 as a flexible and non-traditional program to assist students, administrators, and parents, for students in grades 9-12. The main goal of Paragon Learning Center is to meet students where they are ready to learn. The flexible programs of online and blended learning allow options for students who may otherwise not be able to fit into the traditional school model. In addition to serving these students, Paragon is able to increase access to electives and alternative areas of study for all students.

A typical week for a Paragon Learning Center student will most likely include:

  • Thoughtfully reading the current week's assignments and materials to identify main points and supporting details
  • Interacting with teachers and fellow classmates to discuss course related topics
  • Completing and sending assignments to be graded by the instructor
  • Communicating with advisors to evaluate progress and success in the program

Paragon's Mission Statement
     Paragon Learning Center is an non-traditional academic campus. We utilize a blended learning model with a flexible schedule. We are a caring community that fosters learning and student engagement. 

Paragon Vision

     Preparing students today for success tomorrow!