Seniors Last Drive 3pm 5/28

posted May 26, 2020, 8:34 AM by Julie Shue

On Thursday May 28, we will be celebrating our Seniors’ Last Drive.  This event will allow us to celebrate our seniors’ accomplishments as well as distribute their diplomas and pictures.  We will begin at 3:00 pm in the Beckwood Parking lot located right next to the Paragon Parking lot on Lake Ave.  Here we will organize our students and families to begin the procession for our Seniors’ Last drive.  Students and families will need to remain in their cars.  At the end of the procession, we will hand out the students diplomas as they will remain in their cars.  We will practice all safety measures to ensure social distancing.  This event is for graduates and their families only and we must adhere to the 1 car per graduate guidelines.  Students and Families should wear masks.  Students will not be allowed to reassemble on school grounds after they receive their diplomas.  There will be no police escort; students and families must follow the rules of the roads including stop lights, stop signs, etc.  Upon completion of the Seniors’ Last Drive, our families are encouraged to celebrate our virtual broadcast of Paragon/Dutch Clark’s Virtual Graduation Ceremony.  At 6:00 pm on Thursday May 28, The Virtual Graduation Ceremony will be broadcast on Vimeo at and Facebook Live at  Thank you and be safe.