3/28/20 Student Information

posted Mar 28, 2020, 2:33 PM by Julie Shue   [ updated Apr 27, 2020, 11:52 AM ]
As we move to full virtual learning mode it is important that we can communicate with students in multiple ways.   In order to be ready on Monday...  We need all students to: 

Before Monday: 
1) ENROLL IN CONNECTIONS 101: either accept the invitation sent by email in Google Classrooms for the  Connections 101 Course  or 
Enroll with your homeroom teacher by going to   classroom.google.com   and using the code that goes with your homeroom teacher    

Cheryl Clinger- bkopvcv
Kimber Peaker -audzssv
Mary Gansz zsx53jc
Ryan Harr rhqrl4c
Juanita Kitchen- a3mtco6
Aubry Martinez-McGraw wfpn4yb
Myles Meserve earb2bu
Sara Tucker s7hz6f6
Michael Webb 5gnpwxz

Starting Monday:
2) Check your  D60 student EMAIL daily  
2) Check for Announcements in APEX daily 
4) Check the newly updated Paragon Website for important announcements and information 2X PER WEEK Website is.   paragon.pueblocityschools.us

Stay tuned.  Infor for Seniors and Graduation, video annocuements, earning elective credit for at home activites are all coming inthe next few days!