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GRADUATION will be virtual for 2020 
May 28th @ 6PM
COVID-19 Friendly Activites
Submit Hours Here
Community Service Ideas: (COVID-19 Safe)
Community Service Log

Seniors need to log community service hours as part of graduation requirments.  Follow the steps below to submit hours.

Method 1: Use Google Classroom
Google Classroom: 
1) Go to Connections 101 and 
2) Click on Communiuty Service Log
3) Complete the log with your activities
4) Turn it in in Connections 101

Method 2: 
1) Download a D60 Community Service Log.
2)  Print it
3) Log any hours you already have completed
4) Submit your log by email to:

Forms Links: 
Connections 101: Writable Form: found in Connections 101 Class
D60 Community Involvement Form PDF

Senior Announcement
Graduation Filming Schedule 
May 12, 2020
Arrival TimeStudent Name
1:00 PM1Abbott, Sara
1:00 PM2Boone, Blake
1:00 PM3Callaghan Michael
1:00 PM4Casanova, Alana
1:00 PM5Chappell, Lillith
1:00 PM6Chigro, Colette
1:20 PM7Dedmon-Ortiz, Aliyah
1:20 PM8Egan, Mathew
1:20 PM9Gallegos, Aaliyah
1:20 PM10Hanks, Katherine (complete)
1:20 PM11Manzanares-Romero, Jazmine
1:20 PM12Martinez, Alicia
1:40 PM13Martinez, Nicholas
1:40 PM14Minjarez, Angelic
1:40 PM15Montiel, Arielle
1:40 PM16Pacheco, Timothy
1:40 PM17Padilla, Mya
1:40 PM18Prach, Lucas
2:00 PM19Quezada, Nayely
2:00 PM20Sniff, Lynzie
2:00 PM21Valeriano Stephan
2:00 PM22Valdez, Alyssa
2:00 PM23Maxwell, Rylee
2:00 PM24Gonzalez, RaeAnn
2:00 PM25LeGrand, Jordan

Graduation Regalia
Jostens Diploma Catalogue
Seniors confirmed fro graduation will arrive at Paragon on May 12th at 1pm for filming.

Paragon will provide a cap and gown for recording if yours does not arrive in time.  

All seniors will be given a tassel.

Jpstens Items may not be in in time for recording.

Jostens: Class Rings, Yearbooks, Graduation
The link below will allow you to see Paragon's graduation page through Josten's including: tassels, jewelery, and other memorabila for 2020 Seniors!!  

Scholarship Applications: